RAI • Radio Automated Intelligence

This sophisticated tool assists MNOs and Communications Service Providers in minimising performance management efforts and costs, to optimise their network, intelligently. It identifies complex network issues, and then determines and prioritises the optimum set of improvement actions that give our clients the power to enhance and maintain their customer’s mobile user experience.

Powered by AI-analysis, RAI modules enable operators to address and resolve network challenges efficiently.

  • Smart planning: Assists in forming the network expansion strategy by using predictive AI algorithms and traffic models to create network clusters based on characteristics of group of cells as well as to forecast network and subscriber metrics.
  • Performance management: Providing the multi-vendor, multi-technology network performance management capabilities for different types of networks.
  • New sites activation: Important site roll-out activity that verifies the completion of a successful installation at site power-up. Validating new integrated sites by comparing their performance & configuration to the existing network strategy.
  • Configuration management: Maintaining the integrity of the network parameter settings.
  • Network insights: Customised studies for each technology to save time by eliminating routine manual checks.
  • Troubleshooting: In-depth examination of the radio network with root cause analysis functions and different types of optimisation algorithms.